Aima meets the Mother of the Mountain by Bolatta Silis-Høegh

“Are you sure you want to walk home on your own today?” Mum asks her. “Yes,” Aima answers. “Don´t forget to come straight home after school,” Mum says. “Yep,” Aima replies. Mum: “I´ll be waiting for you here at home.” “Yes, yes, understood, of course, no problem,” Aima answers. “Here´s a purse with a bit of money to buy yourself a snack so you don´t get hungry.” Aima puts the small purse in her school bag as well as loose string of fishing line because she has an idea for making her walk home a bit more fun.

the book

Aima and her dear friend Mathilda are on their way home from school. Mum has told her to come straight home, but Aima is feeling mischievous. Mathilda´s grandmother waves the girls over as they walk past her house. She has a big, round belly and an even bigger bottom! Her hearty laugh rocks the mountain, and she makes the best dried fish in town.


the author

Bolatta Silis-Høegh is one of Greenland’s most prominent young artists. She was born in 1981 in Qaqortoq in the southern part of Greenland. She was educated at Aarhus Kunstakademi in 2006. Aima shush was nominated for The Nordic Council´s Children´s Literature Prize 2016.

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