myths and stories from the traditional Greenland retold by Gunvor Bjerre, illustrated by Miki Jacobsen

trans. title: Man of the Moon and Other Myths from Greenland

the book

In the old myths and stories from the traditional Greenlandic culture we meet talking animals, sometimes disguised as humans, and men, sailing around the world in a tiny kayak – trying to escape from the Land of the Dead. In this book, Gunvor Bjerre has selected 35 stories with animals and children as central themes, and retold them in a modern language – suitable for children as well as adults. Greenlandic myths and stories are wonderful, scary, educative and sometimes quite bizarre. They are a part of an old inuit culture with a long oral tradition. Gathered in the long dark winter nights families sharing houses sat around the little lamp and told stories to pass wisdom onto the next generation – but also to pass time.

Each story is illustrated with a beautiful water color painting by Miki Jacobsen.

the author

Gunvor Bjerre has written more books and has for long been a producer in Danish Radio’s Children and Youth Department. She has worked with story telling for children for many years, which you clearly feel in the book.