Aqipi – on a Spirit Journey

children’s book written and illustrated by Naja Rosing-Asvid

In this third book about the tiny spirit helper Aqipi journeys to the spirit world with his shaman. They travel to the northern lights and to the weather goddess Asiaq to ask for help, before visiting the Man in the Moon. But the journey is dangerous …


a board book by Maja-Lisa Kehlet

1-2-3 is a board book without for babies and toddlers with Greenlandic illustrations.


photo-book by Ole G. Jensen

Ole G. Jensen takes you on an informative tour through the southern part of Greenland called “Kujalleq”. The region has a most interesting climate, nature as well as history.

Aqipi – at the Summer Camp

children’s book written and illustrated by Naja Rosing-Asvid

Aqipi is called by his shaman. When he arrives from the Spirit World he discovers that everything looks different – it’s summer.

Aima shush!

children’s book by Bolatta Silis-Hoegh

Aima meets Manna, an invisible child, who entertains Aima all night long. This keeps both Aima and her parents awake at night.

Aqipi – The Tiny Spirit Helper

illustrated children’s book by Naja Rosing-Asvid

Aqipi is the spirit helper of a Greenlandic shaman. He is sent a couple of days into the future to do a weather forecast for the upcoming hunt. Aqipi plays with a raven that sends him spinning into the future, where he wakes up at a modern museum of Greenlandic history and culture.

Takanna – delicious food from Greenland

cookbook by Tupaarnaq Rosing Olsen. Illustrated by Nina Spore Kreutzmann

Takanna can be translated as “Enjoy your meal” in Greenlandic. Greenland’s nature is rich in fish and clean food – caribou, musk oxen, lamb, seals, whales, birds, fish, mushrooms, berries and other plants. Takanna provides inspiration to use and prepare the ingredients in new and exciting ways.


book about the tourism industry in Greenland by Liisi Egede Hegelund

In this book Liissi Egede Hegelund narrates the history of tourism from the first small attempts to the Home Rule’s introduction of “Greenland Tourism” in 1991.


a fable about climate change by Lana Hansen, illustrated by Georg Olsen

Tulugaq is just an ordinary boy – except that he can fly (Tulugaq means ‘raven’ in English). He is the world’s only hope in the battle against global warming. By the Spirit of the Inland Ice he is sent on a quest to save the human race from itself…

GREENLAND paper cuttings

a DIY paper cutting-book with motives from Greenland by Søren Thaae

In this boo, Søren Thaae has taken on the many motives of Greenland. With inspirational tips and cutting patterns for you to make your own paper sceneries at home.

The quiet diversity

photobook by Julie Edel Hardenberg

The full title of the book is Den stille mangfoldighed / Nipaatsumik assigiinngisitaarneq / The quiet diversity because the photos in this book transcends language and shows a diversity of people.

The Culture of Greenland in Glimpses

book about the traditional culture of Greenland by Ole G. Jensen

This is the book for all who wishes an introduction to Greenland’s fascinating cultural traditions and history. In this book you can learn about shamans, charms, tupilaks, the traditional drum and drum-dancing, masks, clothing, hunting and much more.

Anne-Birthe Hove

biography of the famous Greenlandic artist by Anne-Marie Gjedde Olsen

The art historian, Anne-Marie Gjedde Olsen, guides the reader through Anne-Birthe Hove’s art work through more than three decades.