photo-book by Ole G. Jensen


Kujalleq, South Greenland, is a cornucopia of visual sensations – the lush valleys with flowers of many colors, tall greenish mountains, and ice in all shapes and forms; glaciers, ocean ice, and icebergs. The mark of history is everywhere, from Inuit settlements to the Norsemen’s farms. Throughout thousands of years, this part of Greenland has been a meeting place of diverse cultures.


the book

Ole G. Jensen takes you on an informative tour through the southern part of Greenland called “Kujalleq”. The region has a most interesting climate, nature as well as history. It is where the Norsemen first arrived with the Viking, Eric the Red, deciding to settle there. It was Eric the Red that named the land Greenland: “After spending three years in Southern Greenland, he returned to Iceland and spread the word about the beautiful lush country he had found towards the west. He called this newly discovered country Greenland in the hopes that the enticing name would lure others to follow westward.”

The book is filled with photos from all over the region serving either as a memory trigger or an inspiration. Either way, this is an exciting book about the greenest part of Greenland. NB! The book has text in English and Danish.

Ole G. Jensen is a former curator of the museum in Qaqortoq. He has previously published the book The Culture of Greenland in Glimpses, where he gives the reader a good overview of the Greenlandic history and culture.