about milik

milik publishing is a small Greenlandic publishing house, that publishes everything from children’s books and novels to books about art, culture and the Greenlandic society – books that want to move…

milik publishing is situated in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. It is owned and run by publisher, Lene Therkildsen, who enjoys an excellent working relationship with a number of writers, artists, translators, graphic designers, printers, and so on.

milik was founded in 2003, since when it has grown and prospered so that, today, you can see our books in both stores and classrooms all over Greenland. Many of our books are also available in Denmark.

Our books are for children, young people and adults, and cover a wide range of genres and topics; from books about Greenlandic culture and history, to photo books, comics, song books, therapy books, abc’s and poetry. What matters to us, is that our books move the reader, that they make a difference – and that they display good design and quality.

milik wants to contribute to literature and the love of reading. To read is a way to improve our understanding of our selves, the people around us and of the world. We hope you enjoy our books!