photo-book by Ole G. Jensen

Ole G. Jensen takes you on an informative tour through the southern part of Greenland called “Kujalleq”. The region has a most interesting climate, nature as well as history.


a collection of short stories from aspiring young writers

What will happen during the next 26 years? What will the Greenlandic society be like?
The 10 winning short stories with answers to those and other questions alike were published in the book 2040.

De Doedes Fjord

thriller by Hans Jakob Helms

A Greenlander is found murdered in Nairobi. The Danish delegate Oskar K. Sonne is sent Nairobi to transport the body home to Qaanaaq. Unwillingly, he is sent on a journey where he is being haunted – and hunted – by ghosts of the past, the present, and even death…

HOMO sapienne

novel by Niviaq Korneliussen

We follow the lives of five young people in the “little big city” of Nuuk, the capitol of Greenland at a time in their lives, when they all experience profound changes. They search for their identity in a world where possibly everything is up for grabs, but, at the same time where nothing ever changes: it is about love! The love you feel for yourself, for others and for life…

Aima shush!

children’s book by Bolatta Silis-Hoegh

Aima meets Manna, an invisible child, who entertains Aima all night long. This keeps both Aima and her parents awake at night.

Inuusuttut – nunatsinni nunarsuarmilu/Ung i Grønland – ung i verden

short story collection from new young, Greenlandic writers

A collection of 10 short stories about what it is like being young in Greenland – as well as in the world. Most of them reflects a Greenlandic realism and social criticism. Others are more literary adventurous. All of them express a new generation and new tendencies in Greenlandic literature.

Takanna – delicious food from Greenland

cookbook by Tupaarnaq Rosing Olsen. Illustrated by Nina Spore Kreutzmann

Takanna can be translated as “Enjoy your meal” in Greenlandic. Greenland’s nature is rich in fish and clean food – caribou, musk oxen, lamb, seals, whales, birds, fish, mushrooms, berries and other plants. Takanna provides inspiration to use and prepare the ingredients in new and exciting ways.

Hvis du fløjter efter nordlyset

novel by Hans Jakob Helms

Bjørn is a young journalist from Denmark. He meets the Alascan Amaroq who takes him on a wild journey across several boraders – including Bjørn’s own.

For flid og god opførsel

memories of the Danish colonization of Greenland by Helene Thiesen

Helene Thiesen is only 7 years old when she is sent to Denmark together with 21 children from all over Greenland. When she returns to Greenland she can neither understand nor be understood by her family – she now only knows the Danish language. Even though Helene’s family lives in Nuuk, she has to stay at the orphanage with the other children.

the book

Helene Thiesen is only 7 years old when she is sent to Denmark together with 21 children from all over Greenland. Unwillingly and unknowingly, she becomes part of a social and educational experiment, performed by the Danish government on the colony of Greenland.


a book about psychology in practice regarding neglected Greenlandic children by Conni Gregersen

This book provides theoretical founded reflexions about the professional care taking of children in practice. This is especially a good book for all who work in institutions with neglected children.

The Culture of Greenland in Glimpses

book about the traditional culture of Greenland by Ole G. Jensen

This is the book for all who wishes an introduction to Greenland’s fascinating cultural traditions and history. In this book you can learn about shamans, charms, tupilaks, the traditional drum and drum-dancing, masks, clothing, hunting and much more.