a collection of short stories from aspiring young writers

trans. title: Young in Greenland – and in the World

the book

A collection of 10 short stories about what it is like being young in Greenland – as well as in the world. Most of them reflects a Greenlandic realism and social criticism. Others are more literary adventurous. All of them express a new generation and new tendencies in Greenlandic literature.

the background

The 10 short stories were selected from the writing competition ‘Allatta!’ – meaning ‘let us write!’ NAPA, milik publishing, the national library in Nuuk and NUIF were behind the competition, where more than 30 young people from all over Greenland participated. The chosen novels were afterwards worked on and perfected by the writers under the guidance of the Greenlandic multi-artist Jesse Kleeman and the Danish writer Mette Moestrup.

The Allatta!-competition was successfully repeated in 2014, resulting in the short story collection 2040.