book about the tourism industry in Greenland by Liisi Egede Hegelund


For quite a few years, a growing interest from the wealthier parts of the world to visit the Arctic has been notable, since finding that the environment of this part of the globe is still unpolluted, and that the people of the Arctic still maintain and worship their culture.

the book

In 1952 the first tourism began in Greenland. From Iceland you could buy a one-day trip to Ikkatteq in East Greenland. In this book Liissi Egede Hegelund narrates the history of tourism from the first small attempts to the Home Rule’s introduction of “Greenland Tourism” in 1991.
Liissi Egede Hegelund has interviewed many of the pioneers in the Greenlandic tourism industry, in which she has also played a big part since 1985.