children’s book written and illustrated by Naja Rosing-Asvid

… swoosh…

Suddenly an arrow just misses Aqipi.
“Darn, I missed,” the boy who shot the arrow hollers as he runs to pick it up.
”Be careful, I don’t hit you little brother,” an older boy hollers as he places his throwing stick on his small harpoon. Aqipi discovers that he is right in the middle of a shooting contest, and scared, hurriedly hides behind a bush.

translated by Grace J. Heindorf Nielsen

the book

Aqipi is called by his shaman. When he arrives from the Spirit World he discovers that everything looks different – it’s summer. His shaman needs his help for a song duel. He is about to lose the duel to a great hunter, but then Aqipi reminds his shaman that the hunter is scared of spiders. This makes everybody laugh and the shaman wins the duel. Aqipi’s work is done, but he is curious as to what else is going on at the summer camp…


the author

Naja Rosing-Asvid is an architect and a self taught artist. She has helped design the permanent exhibitions at Greenland National Museum. It was during this work that she got the idea for Aqipi. Aqipi – The Tiny Spirit Helper is her first book. Read more about the author on


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