novel by Juaaka Lyberth

trans. title: “Well Underway”


the book

Paul Erik returns to Nuuk after spending the summer in his hometown Uummannaq. In Nuuk he attends high school where people from all over Greenland is accommodated in the school facilities. But the school systems are Danish – and not adapted to the life and circumstances in Greenland. The young gets more and more frustrated. The story takes place in 1969 and we get an insight into a significant period of the Greenlandic history as well as a generation influenced by world music and fashion.


the author

Juaaka Lyberth is born in Uummannaq, Greenland, in 1952. He has a master’s degree from Copenhagen University in Inuit Studies. He is known in Greenland for his music, writings and as a political commentator. Naleqqusseruttortut was nominated for the Nordic Councils Literature Award in 2014.