picture book with beloved Greenlandic myth

retold by H. C. Petersen, illustrated by Kistat Lund
trans. title: “Anngannguujuk – The Boy Who Was Kidnapped”

The husband thought it was strange that Anngannguujuk did not come down to the beach. He would usually come running. So the first thing he asked was: “Where is Anngannguujuk? Weeping, his wife responded: “He was playing in the entrance area and suddenly he was gone. I don’t know, where he is!” Anngannguujuk’s father was outraged as he loved his son very much. “Maybe you have done him in? I am going to kill you!”
”Please wait a little before you kill me. Let us search for him first, and if we don’t find him you can kill me,” the wife answered. In those days, people would visit a shaman to get answers for things they did not understand. The shamen were the wise men among the Greenlanders. Anngannguujuk’s father went to visit a shaman, who lived close by, and asked for his help. Having done his spells and rituals, the Shaman explained that it was the inland inhabitants, the large Dorset people, who had kidnapped Anngannguujuk.

the book

Angannguujuk often sits in the hall playing but, one day, his mother cannot find him anywhere. When his father comes home from hunting he is furious. He goes to a shaman, who tells him that the boy has been kidnapped by the inland people. The two men go out to bring Angannguujuk home again. After a lot of time and cunning they succeed and flee back to their home, pack all their belongings and settle on an island – far away from the evil inland people.

This book is one of series of four, all of which are retold in richly-illustrated books for children. The stories are sometime scary and bizarre, but they all have a strong moral and are interesting reminders of Greenland’s history and heritage. This book was originally published by Atuakkiorfik in 1994. This is an up-dated version, still being true to the original.

NB! This story is available in English to view if interested in international publishing rights

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