Aima meets the Mother of the Mountain

childrenbook written and illustrated by Bolatta Silis-Høegh

The book is an independent sequel to the first two books about a little lively girl – full of fantasy. This time Aima has make an agreement with her dear friend Mathilda, to walk home from school together.

Aqipi – on a Spirit Journey

children’s book written and illustrated by Naja Rosing-Asvid

In this third book about the tiny spirit helper Aqipi journeys to the spirit world with his shaman. They travel to the northern lights and to the weather goddess Asiaq to ask for help, before visiting the Man in the Moon. But the journey is dangerous …


myths and stories from southern Greenland edited by Malik Høegh

The stories about the great hunter Akamalik, who had a vision that turned him christian, have been retold in southern Greenland for generations. They are stories of murder, courage, friendship, hunting, religion and ethics. 

Behind the ice gate

photo-book by Henrik Saxgren

Henrik Saxgren, one of the most recognised photographers in Denmark, has portrayed the life lived in the small village of Ilimanaq which is threatened by depopulation.


philosophical book for children and adults by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

A pilot lands in the desert. Here he meets the little prince, who has traveled to Earth from his asteroid B612. The little prince is travelling through the universe trying to help his rose.

Den Sorte Engel

crime novel by Nina von Staffeldt

A fisherman is found dead at a drifting fishing boat. In the cargo furs from polar bear and teeth from narwhale and walrus are discovered. Are they contraband to be smuggled out of Greenland and into Canada? Greenpeace objects in the media, and Sika Haslund and the rest of the team from Go Greenland must try and control the situation before it gets out of hand in international media.


a board book by Maja-Lisa Kehlet

1-2-3 is a board book without for babies and toddlers with Greenlandic illustrations.

Hun står i nordenvind

a short story collection by Nina Kreutzmann Jørgensen

These are ten short stories about women from Greenland, Iceland, the Faeroe Islands and Denmark. It is about every day life, eating disorders, the loss of innocence and battling low self esteem. But it is also about hopes and dreams.

KIMIK ukiut 20 år

book about the artist association KIMIK. Edited by Jørgen Chemnitz

This book, is about the history and development of KIMIK, and it presents the current members, their art and their resumes.

Anne-Birthe Hove

coffee table book about the artist Anne-Birthe Hove. Edited by Jørgen Chemnitz

In this book, people that were close to her either personally or professionally, look back on her life and her body of work.

Uummat – fortællinger fra hjertet

an interview-based book about neglect. By Lise Andersen

With help from the Children’s Home in Uummannaq Lise Andersen contacted ten former residents who agreed to tell their life stories. These heartbreaking and heartwarming stories are the centre of this book.

… nuannaraarput / vi elsker …

crafts and recipes by Ide Jenny Tullin & Lis Anker Petersen

Do you also love to be creative? Ide and Lis do, and in this book they share their own and their friends best recipes of almost everything – from how to make a table of an old cable drum to reindeer roast and a stuffed animal in the shape of a whale.


illustrated piano book by Naja Rosing-Asvid

This creative sing-and-play-book Nipilersorta! by Naja Rosing-Asvid is more than just a book. It is an educative toy that give the children a learning experience – without them ever noticing. It is fun!

Frosne beviser

crime novel by Nina von Staffeldt

A strange virus attacks the inhabitants of Sisimiut during the first weeks of summer. Alongside the local journalist Thormod Gislasson, Sika Haslund is caught up with the story of the strange virus, which turns out to be something entirely different…

Månemanden og andre fortællinger fra Grønland

myths and stories from the traditional Greenland retold by Gunvor Bjerre, illustrated by Miki Jacobsen

In the old myths and stories from the traditional Greenlandic culture we meet talking animals, sometimes disguised as humans, and men, sailing around the world in a tiny kayak – trying to escape from the Land of the Dead. In this book, Gunvor Bjerre has selected 35 stories with animals and children as central themes, and retold them in a modern language – suitable for children as well as adults.