children’s book with therapeutic aim by Amalia Lynge Pedersen 

illustrated by Christian Fleischer Rex
trans. title: When Dad is in Jail


the book

Unfortunately some children have to experience a parent going to jail. This can be hard to come to terms with and talk about. In this book Sofus’ dad is in prison, but Sofus thinks his dad has gone away in search of gold until he learns the truth.
The book is a part of a series of five books meant for conversations between adult and child; as a catalyst for dialogue about the harder things in life. The four other topics are: Death, violence, mental illness and alcohol abuse.

in the same series

Suluup aataava toqummat (Suuluk’s Grandfather Dies)
Anaana ataatalu annersaagaangata (When Mom and Dad fight)
Anaana qasusoorpoq (Mom is Mentally Ill)
Anaana ataatalu aalakooraangata (When Mom and Dad Drink)