children’s book by Bolatta Silis-Høegh

Aima’s trying to sleep, but Manna’s tummy is rumbling.
“If only I could have a bit of oatmeal and cucumber and some nails,” Manna whispers. Aima finds some nails, but just as she’s about to pour milk into the bowl of oatmealcucumbernails mom arrives, acting all surprised.
“Aima dear! What are you doing with oats and nails in the middle of the night? And cucumber?” Aima says that Manna’s just a bit hungry, but mom doesn’t believe her.


the book

Aima shush! is an independent sequel to Aima. This time Aima is still a fun girl with quite the imagination. She meets Manna, an invisible child, who entertains Aima all night long. This keeps both Aima and her parents awake at night.
Bolatta Silis-Høegh has once again both written and illustrated the book herself. The collages of Aima and Manna stands out like rock’n’roll contrasts to the soft background of pastel watercolors.

the author

Bolatta Silis-Høegh is one of Greenland’s most prominent young artists. She was born in 1981 in Qaqortoq in the southern part of Greenland. She was educated at Aarhus Kunstakademi in 2006.


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