herbal guide by Kirsten Jespersen & Lissi Olsen



the book

A lot of the flora in Greenland is edible. Plants and flowers can be used in tea and cooking with great success – and a lot of the plants also has medical qualities. Flowers of Greenland – for body and soul is a guide to nature’s own medicine cabinet as well as a cook book. In the fist half of the book each plant is listed with suggestions of use, a list of active ingredients, the medical effects and tips to gathering and preservation. The close-up photos makes it easy for you to bring the book on hikes, and gather the plants. After your hike you can use the recipes to make teas, vegetables, pies, cakes and much more.


the authors

Kirsten Jespersen and Lissi Olsen are both plant enthusiasts. Kirsten Jespersen gathered knowledge about herbalism and the flowers of Greenland for many years, but unfortunately she passed away before being able to publish her work. Lissi Olsen has adapted Kirsten Jespersen’s writings to the newest research and added her own recipes.