children’s book by Stina Sørensen, illustrated by Inuk Silis-Høegh

trans. title: A birthday cleanup


the book 

Iluuna has a birthday coming up but the only thing she wishes for, is that there will be a cleaner place to play. Theres are broken bottles, wrapping paper, plastic bags and much more around their block, on the playground, and even in the nature. Iluna has her wish come true as friends and family come together to clean the neighborhood. Iluuna’s wish is so extraordinary that the media gets wind of it, and soon Iluuna’s wish inspires people everywhere…

The story by Stina Sørensen is uniquely illustrated by Inuk Silis-Høegh, the son of the famous artists Aka Høegh and Ivar Silis. He has created this weird but fantastic mix of play dough dolls, ink and a collaging technique.