photobook by Carsten Egevang


The walruses on Sand Island do not normally exhibit any fear of humans. If you get too close to the animals, they wake from their slumber, open their nostrils, take a quick look – and drift back to sleep.

the book

From all over Greenland, even the remotest parts of the country, Carsten Egevang has taken photographs of nature, animals and people. Through the pictures we get close to birds and mammals in the depiction of their adaptation to the harsh Arctic environment. The text in the book contains biological and geographical information as well as Carsten Egevang’s personal experiences. It is easily read which suits the coffee table format of the book, that allows the photographs to stand out as individual pieces – together expressing a whole country.

the author

Carsten Egevang is a biologist with a ph.d. in Arctic biology. Over the years he has won many awards for his photography – including the prestigious “BBC’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year” for his photograph of Greenlandic auks in flight (the cover of this book). Read more at

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