photobook by Carsten Egevang

the book

Carsten Egevang has made a spectacular tribute to the East Coast of Greenland by portraying the ‘life at the edge’ honest and close up. The black and white photographs of humans, animals and nature are both raw and beautiful at the same time. Carsten Egevang has been to Ittoqqortoormiit five times over the years (2003-2012), from which the photographs in Life at the Edge are selected to tell a story about living in one of the most distant places in Greenland.

The book is divided into three sections: The Town, The Surroundings, The Hunt.

the author

Carsten Egevang is a biologist with a ph.d. in Arctic biology. Over the years he has won many awards for his photography – including the prestigious “BBC’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year” for his photograph of Greenlandic auks in flight. Read more at

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