a fable about climate change by Lana Hansen, illustrated by Georg Olsen


“Our nature is in danger Human beings pollute the air so much with their cars and factories that the weather gets warmer and warmer. The animals of the Arctic are having a hard time, and the inland ice is melting, which may flood the whole earth,” the Spirit of the Inland Ice sighs, and continues, “Tulugaq, YOU are the elect. Only you can save us. If we can’t count on you, we won’t make it.”


the book

Tulugaq is just an ordinary boy – except that he can fly (Tulugaq means ‘raven’ in English). He is the world’s only hope in the battle against global warming. By the Spirit of the Inland Ice he is sent on a quest to save the human race from itself…
Sila is a modern and unconventional fable for 8-12 year-olds, with a clear motive of connecting the myths and traditions of the old inuit tribes with the present day problems.
It was nominated for the Westnordic Council’s Literature Prize for Children, 2010.