the story about the legendary Greenlandic rock band by Per Berthelsen


the book

In 1970 the two Greenlandic students Malik Høegh and Per Berthelsen meet in Denmark and form the duo that will become the core of Sume, a rock band. “Sume” means “where?” in Greenlandic and the name – even though chosen quite randomly – comes to represent a whole generation’s frustration with a Greenlandic society governed by the Danish Parliament.
Never before had there been this kind of music on the Greenlandic music scene. Sume instantly becomes somewhat of a phenomenon and only 3 years after their first meet, Malik and Per play with their band on Roskilde Festival. Sume has had a great impact on many people – and also on the music culture of Greenland.

Per Bethelsen has spiced up this first hand account of Sume’s story with photos, lyrics, and old scrapbook cutouts.