book about the traditional culture of Greenland by Ole G. Jensen

This book, which is about parts of the spiritual and material cultural inheritance of Greenland, gives us a long-awaited, easily-accessible, short and animated description of many of the phenomena upon which Greenland’s culture is built. Hopefully, many people will enjoy the book, in particular visitors to Greenland who are looking for a short introduction to those parts of Greenland’s culture that are only heard of sporadically.


the book

This is the book for all who wishes an introduction to Greenland’s fascinating cultural traditions and history. Ole G. Jensen is former museums director of the museums in Tasiilaq and Qaqortoq and therefore has a broad knowledge of the history of Greenland. In this book you can learn about shamans, charms, tupilaks, the traditional drum and drum-dancing, masks, clothing, hunting and much more. Explore the rich cultural background of this amazing country.

The book is published in six languages: English, Danish, Greenlandic (sold out), French, German and Spanish.


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