a collection of short stories from aspiring young writers


the book

In 2012 the first writing challenge, “Allatta!”, for young writers between 15 and 25 years, was a success, and afterwards the 10 winning short stories were published in the book Inuusuttut – nunatsinni nunarsuarmilu (Young in Greenland – and in the World). This really gave inspiration and motivation to write among the young generation, hence the writing challenge was repeated in 2014 – this time with the theme: 2040. What will happen during the next 26 years? What will the Greenlandic society be like?
The 10 winning short stories with answers to those and other questions alike were published in the book 2040. The future is rather dark, according to the writers: dictatorship, military police, epidemics, oil crisis’, forced emigration and so on. But this warrants an even more committed public debate about the future of Greenland.