graphic novel by Lilian Brøgger and Dorte Futtrup. Translated into Greenlandic by Juana Petrussen

the book

Inspired by an old Greenlandic legend about a woman who visits the land of the dead, after her two sons die at sea. Her sorrows are hurting them in death, so she returns to life rescuing a man on the way. The book was originally written in Danish, but Juana Petrussen has made an excellent translation into Greenlandic. The book is for adults as well as for children.

the author and illustrator

Dorte Futtrup lives by telling stories. In this book the words are scarce but carefully chosen, complementing the expressive illustrations by Lillian Brøgger. The original Danish version Hullet i himlen won an award for best design of children’s books in 2011.