photobook by Julie Edel Hardenberg

What does it mean to be a Greenlander? Or a Finn? Or a Brazilian, for that matter? Are there a couple of concepts or a couple of characteristics which can fully describe it, or is it even possible to answer the question? The quiet diversity is broadly speaking a work of portraiture with the question of ethnic and cultural identity as its pivot.

the book

The full title of the book is Den stille mangfoldighed / Nipaatsumik assigiinngisitaarneq / The quiet diversity because the photos in this book transcends language and shows a diversity of people. The people of Greenland are often met with ignorance and prejudice (as may be the case in other parts of the world as well), and the image of the stereotypical Greenlander. But the people of this magnificent country are as diverse and complex as anywhere else in the world.


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