children’s book written and illustrated by Naja Rosing-Asvid


The Shaman leaves his body and soars speedily through the house entrance with Aqipi. The very minute they are gone, evil spirits turn up to possess the Shaman’s body. The beat of the drum roars wildly, and Qisu races around the house. “Go away, get out,” he hollers. The humans, who do not understand the language of the spirits, only hear the scary sounds in the dark, and curl up even closer together on the bunk.

the book

In this third book about the tiny spirit helper Aqipi journeys to the spirit world with his shaman. People are starving in the settlement because the ice is preventing the hunters to catch any sea animals. And two couples can’t have children. Aqipi and his shaman travel to the northern lights and to the weather goddess Asiaq to ask for help, before visiting the Man in the Moon. But the journey is dangerous – if the meet the Eater of Entrails they’ll have to watch out …

the author

Naja Rosing-Asvid is an architect and an artist. She has helped design the permanent exhibitions at Greenland National Museum. It was during this work that she got the idea for Aqipi. Aqipi – The Tiny Spirit Helper is her first book, but since then she has illustrated and written four more books for children. Read more about the author on


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