comic book by Christian Fleischer Rex


the book

The story of Kaassassuk, the orphan boy, is one of the most beloved myths of the traditional Greenland. Kaassassuk is orphaned as a baby and grows up unwanted by all in the little community. They tease him, pull out his teeth, lift him by his nostrils, and hardly give him anything to eat. He has only an elderly woman, who takes him in, and an old man and his wife as friends. One day the old man says to Kaassassuk to go look for the Lord of Power. Kaassassuk finds the Lord of Power who bestows him with superpowers. Kaassassuk conceals these new powers until he can take a terrible revenge…

In this popular version Christian Fleischer Rex has interpreted Kaassassuk as a comic book.


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Ataata isertitsivimmiippoq
Anaana qasusoorpoq
Anaana ataatalu aalakooraangata
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