Asavaanga – asanngilaanga

short story collection by Nordic writers

A Nordic initiative to show how love is the same across boarders. 16 authors from all of Scandinavia have tributed with stories of unrequited, desperate, all consuming, happy and devastating love.

Piniartorsuit kinguaavi/ Storfangernes efterkommere

collection of poems by Mariane Petersen

Todays Greenlandic society is a conglomerate of cultures and outside influences as well as an attempt to hold on to and honor the traditional culture. From this point of view Mariane Petersen writes sarcastic and humorous poems about the Greenland of today.


a book about psychology in practice regarding neglected Greenlandic children by Conni Gregersen

This book provides theoretical founded reflexions about the professional care taking of children in practice. This is especially a good book for all who work in institutions with neglected children.

Når en tanke bliver født

book about the development of the healthcare system in Greenland by Ruth Lange

This book regards the historical development of the healthcare system which – with Ruth Lange as a front figure – became more extensive and well-functioning with an education, authorization, independent legislation and the option of home nursing.


book about the tourism industry in Greenland by Liisi Egede Hegelund

In this book Liissi Egede Hegelund narrates the history of tourism from the first small attempts to the Home Rule’s introduction of “Greenland Tourism” in 1991.

Kampen for en far

memoirs of Anne Sofie Hardenberg

Anne Sofie Hardenberg was teased all through her childhood for having a Danish father – and an absent one at that. By age 17 she gathered the courage to write to her father. Unluckily they only got three weeks together before he died in a car accident…

Ved slusen

novel by Iben Mondrup

This is the story of three people who’s lives become entwined when they are suddenly turned upside down.

GREENLAND paper cuttings

a DIY paper cutting-book with motives from Greenland by Søren Thaae

In this boo, Søren Thaae has taken on the many motives of Greenland. With inspirational tips and cutting patterns for you to make your own paper sceneries at home.

Move on

a book about leaving ones social background by Julie Edel Hardenberg

In a collection of raw and honest accounts of child abuse, neglect, low self estime and fighting for better lives this book is a love declaration – a love of life! The famous Greenlandic artist, Julie Edel Hardenberg, comes from such a background herself and has invited others like her to share their stories.

The quiet diversity

photobook by Julie Edel Hardenberg

The full title of the book is Den stille mangfoldighed / Nipaatsumik assigiinngisitaarneq / The quiet diversity because the photos in this book transcends language and shows a diversity of people.

Meeqqat ujarasussummiut / Stenbørnene

children’s book by Gudrun Kristensen, illustrated by Astrid Vebæk

Stone City is situated in a fantasyworld that in many ways resembles Greenland; it is far north, no trees – only stones. The children of the city passers time by throwing stones at stuff. Buildings, windows, and what not…

Børn og unge i Grønland

antology with articles about the life and well-being of Greenlandic children

This is a collection of 23 articles that sheds light on, shares knowledge about and debates children og youths conditions of life in Greenland.

The Culture of Greenland in Glimpses

book about the traditional culture of Greenland by Ole G. Jensen

This is the book for all who wishes an introduction to Greenland’s fascinating cultural traditions and history. In this book you can learn about shamans, charms, tupilaks, the traditional drum and drum-dancing, masks, clothing, hunting and much more.


photo- and interview-book by Pia Christensen and Ulrik Bang

7 Greenlandic women share their stories and dreams. They show us how life choices, initiative and ambitions demands respect from others as well as from oneself.


self-therapy book by Bolette Schiøtz

This book is a tool to work with, and be better at, analyzing dreams, meditating and much more. It will help you to connect with your inner self to create harmony between body and soul.

Anne-Birthe Hove

biography of the famous Greenlandic artist by Anne-Marie Gjedde Olsen

The art historian, Anne-Marie Gjedde Olsen, guides the reader through Anne-Birthe Hove’s art work through more than three decades.