Nammineq annoraaliorit / Sy en anorak

step-by-step guide on how to sew an anorak with photos, a DVD and dress patterns

The anorak is a traditional greenlandic garment for men – it was previously worn in all colors for work and more, but today the anorak is mostly known in its white form as the men’s national clothing.

Zombiet Nunaat

short stories by Soerine Steenholdt

these are short stories from the dark side of society. What all the characters have in common, is that they are normally forgotten or overlooked by the public debate and by society at large.
Nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Award, 2016

Arpaatit qaqortut

short stories and poems by Pivinnguaq Mørch

Pivinnguaq Mørch builds a bridge between the old and the new both in his style, the lay-out of the book, and in the existentialistic poems and short stories of the book.


photo-book by Ole G. Jensen

Ole G. Jensen takes you on an informative tour through the southern part of Greenland called “Kujalleq”. The region has a most interesting climate, nature as well as history.


a collection of short stories from aspiring young writers

What will happen during the next 26 years? What will the Greenlandic society be like?
The 10 winning short stories with answers to those and other questions alike were published in the book 2040.

De Doedes Fjord

thriller by Hans Jakob Helms

A Greenlander is found murdered in Nairobi. The Danish delegate Oskar K. Sonne is sent Nairobi to transport the body home to Qaanaaq. Unwillingly, he is sent on a journey where he is being haunted – and hunted – by ghosts of the past, the present, and even death…


picture book with beloved Greenlandic myth

Kaassassuk is one of the most well-known and loved of the the Greelandic sagas. This book is one of series of four, all of which are retold in richly-illustrated books for children.

Arfeq nattoralillu niviarsiarannguillu marluk

picture book with beloved Greenlandic myth

Two small girls are playing house at the edge of the water when they are kidnapped by a whale and an eagle. How will they be rescued back to their family? This book is one of series of four, all of which are retold in richly-illustrated books for children.


picture book with beloved Greenlandic myth

Angannguujuk often sits in the hall playing but, one day, his mother cannot find him anywhere. When his father comes home from hunting he is furious. He goes to a shaman, who tells him that the boy has been kidnapped by the inland people. This book is one of series of four, all of which are retold in richly-illustrated books for children.

Sassuma Arnaanut pulaarneq

picture book with beloved Greenlandic myth

The Mother of the Sea plays a major role in the sagas of Greenland. She often appears as both generous and cruel. This book is one of series of four, all of which are retold in richly-illustrated books for children.

Ataata isertitsivimmiippoq

children’s book with therapeutic aim by Amalia Lynge Pedersen

The book is a part of a series of five books meant for conversations between adult and child; as a catalyst for dialogue about the harder things in life. In Ataata isertitsivimmiippoq dad is in jail.

Uangaana / Min bog

a scrapbook for the newborn

A classic: The scrapbook for you to remember everything about your child – from the first sign of life, to the birth and baby’s first steps. Greenlandic adapted illustrations by Nina Spore Kreutzmann.

HOMO sapienne

novel by Niviaq Korneliussen

We follow the lives of five young people in the “little big city” of Nuuk, the capitol of Greenland at a time in their lives, when they all experience profound changes. They search for their identity in a world where possibly everything is up for grabs, but, at the same time where nothing ever changes: it is about love! The love you feel for yourself, for others and for life…

Nukissat / Råstof

a collection photos and text excerpts by young students

Students are expressing themselves in photos and/or text. There is a play on lighting, shadows, angles and motifs in the very different and moving photos in this book.

Aqipi – at the Summer Camp

children’s book written and illustrated by Naja Rosing-Asvid

Aqipi is called by his shaman. When he arrives from the Spirit World he discovers that everything looks different – it’s summer.

Aima shush!

children’s book by Bolatta Silis-Hoegh

Aima meets Manna, an invisible child, who entertains Aima all night long. This keeps both Aima and her parents awake at night.

… inuugatta

interview based book about homosexuals in Greenland by Hjalmar Dahl

With 9 personal stories and documenting facts about the juridical and religious development, we get a thorough introduction to and perspectives of homosexuals’ life and rights in Greenland.